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Berkovich Ventures builds and invests at pre-seed stages in businesses across various industries. The core competence is currently in IT based solutions in the health care and real estate industry.

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Berkovich Ventures screens and validates different business opportunities. Until now the following two businesses brought significance in the Berkovich Ventures Portfolio:


Pfleglisoft offers the most intuitive SaaS solution for live-in caregiver providing care institutions. The software is a customized ERP solution. It contains following functionality: CRM system, Offer generation, fully integrated emailing, invoicing and shift management. The company raised in total €80k and is profitable.

As of the legislative change „Bestellerprinzip“ in June 2015 the startup nesthub has been founded: An online matching platform between tenants and landlords
The Axel Springer Plug and Play accelerator invested into this company and it became publicly known in the media (Tagesspiegel, Deutsche Startups, Immobilien-Zeitung)

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